This is a tough question. Unlike plumbers, mechanics, or other trades where it tends to be apparent if work was done well, good tree work might be harder to see. One of the best compliments someone can give our professional St. Louis Tree Pruning arborist is: “Gee, it does not look like you did anything to that tree at all, but there sure is a lot of brush in the back of the truck.” Any tree that is properly pruned should still look like a tree. Removing interior branches to increase airflow without creating large holes in the canopy or reducing the size of the tree without making large cuts are signs of professional work. Professionals use a tree’s form to make the tree look like that is the way it has always been. Bad pruning is easy to find. If a tree transforms into a large hat rack or a large lolli-pop after a so-called tree guy prunes it, it was probably bad pruning.