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If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable tree service company in St Louis then you’ve come to the right place.  Meyer Tree Service is the MOST TRUSTED ST. LOUIS TREE REMOVAL & TREE SERVICE COMPANY in the St Louis and St. Charles area.  We are a full service tree and shrub care company providing a wide range of professional arboricultural  services in St. Louis and the surrounding Missouri areas.  Our tree service teams are highly trained and also have a Certified Master Arborist (Cary Semsar) on board to provide top tree care knowledge.  We will provide a thorough assessment of all your tree service needs and give you the most competitive tree service quote in St Louis, Missouri.

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We expect a lot from trees in the urban landscape. We want them to look good, grow the right way, and be safe to play under and enjoy. An essential step in maintaining the health of your trees is proper pruning. Trees young and old alike can benefit from pruning.

Whether you need to:

» Remove dead limbs to improve safety

» Reduce overextended limbs to decrease the likelihood of breakage

» Remove selected limbs to increase air flow through the tree

» Raise low limbs so they do not interfere with activity in your yard

» Correct past pruning mistakes

» Prune young trees to enhance the tree’s overall structural stability for the future

» Prune limbs away from wires, buildings or sightlines

Our professional St. Louis Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning staff can help you accomplish any of the goals and objectives you have for your trees. We pride ourselves on following industry standards for safety, ANSI Z133.1, and professional pruning practices, ANSI A300.

Tree removal can require careful planning, precise cuts, and expert rigging to control large pieces of falling wood. Too often tree removal is done with little or no concern for the area around the tree being removed. St. Louis tree removal is one of our specialties and we have the knowledge, experience and personnel to assist you with your most challenging tree removal projects while protecting the rest of your landscape.

Occasionally trees may need additional support due to structural problems that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. Our professional arborists can detect otherwise hidden problems with your trees. Whether it is internal decay, splits, or poor branch unions, we can help mitigate the risk of failure and damage with appropriate support systems. When installed properly, cables, braces, guys, and propping devices may extend the life of your tree and reduce the risks associated with structural defects. As with St. Louis tree pruning, all of our support systems are installed according to the appropriate standards for each technique and situation. Tree trimming St Louis professionals like us can provide safety solutions for this issue.

Mother-nature has been taking care of trees for longer than we have been. In order to better maintain turf, we rake up the leaves and sticks from our yards and haul them away. Every year we lose some nutrients from our yards just by doing the regular maintenance needed to keep our yards beautiful. Due to nutrient loss and human activities, the soils in the urban environment tend to be less than ideal for healthy tree growth. We often need to put some of these missing nutrients back into the soil. An easy way to do this is to follow a deep root fertilization program. Deep root fertilization provides a way to get the necessary nutrients below the turf roots where the tree roots have access to them without much competition. If trees do not have the proper nutrients, or they are growing in a soil with the wrong pH, they can be more susceptible to certain diseases and insect pests. Appropriate fertilization can increase growth and vitality of our trees and help them weather the barrage of stresses they face every year. All of our fertilization applications are done in compliance with ANSI A300 Standards for fertilization.

The last step in a tree removal St. Louis project is grinding out the remaining stump. This step is often times over-looked or done improperly. Incomplete stump removal might look nice when the job is done, but the ground will settle as the remaining stump and leftover wood chips decompose leaving a large depression in your lawn. We will do the job right the first time.

No matter what the future plans for the current stump location are, the stump should be completely ground out. We can also remove all of the debris and back-fill the area with planting medium or topsoil upon request. If you need further assistance, our sister company M&P Landscaping can help you develop a plan for the space, be it a new bedding area or just more turf.

Losing a large tree is hard enough and, we want to get back to enjoying your yard as soon as possible!

Brush removal is a very time consuming and labor intensive project. We have the right equipment and St. Louis tree removal work force to make quick work of removing and disposing of areas of unwanted under-growth or aggressive plants such as honeysuckle.

Lightning Protection: Lightning strikes trees every day. Lighting usually causes long strips of wood and bark to fly off the tree. Lightning can peel the bark off a tree like a banana, turn the tree into toothpicks, or do little to no damage at all. As in any injury to a tree, damage from lightning is permanent. Some trees recover, but the injury and associated decay will be a permanent fixture in the tree for the rest of its life. Trees can survive lightning strikes and remain useful trees for several more years, but the decay caused by the lightning injury generally shortens the useful life of the struck tree. Arborists adapted the principles of lightning protection for buildings to be used on trees. Not every tree is a good candidate for lightning protection, but if you have a large tree, especially one that stands out from all rest, you may want consider installing a lightning protection system. A little tree trimming on your St. Louis property can also help.

Growth Regulator Applications: Cambistat is a growth regulator designed to reduce shoot growth in trees. It also has some wonderful side-effects consisting of increased root growth and making foliage greener. It is usually used to tame fast growing trees and treat trees that have been damaged by construction or are beginning to decline.

Root Pruning: Just like the various types of crown (the above ground portion of the tree) pruning we offer, we can prune the roots of trees as well. If your tree has malformed roots or roots growing where they shouldn’t, our St. Louis tree service staff can excavate around the tree and prune roots quickly and professionally.

Soil Decompaction: Urban soils tend to be hostile places for roots. One of the big challenges tree roots face in our area is trying to grow through our tough, compacted, Missouri clay. We have the ability to ‘fluff’ the soil around trees without damaging the roots. We can also amend the soil with organic material at this time. This will help the soil to retain water and create a better soil structure for the roots to grow in.

Mosquito Spray:  Bunton & Meyer Tree Service St. Louis offers a wide variety of insect control services. One of them is treating areas for mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes can travel into treated areas from untreated areas, the effects of the spray only last for a limited time. If you are planning a party or outdoor event, call us in advance, and we make your outdoor event much more comfortable.

Carpenter Ant Treatment: Carpenter ants rarely are the cause of decay in trees. If you find carpenter ants in a tree, it means there is already some decayed wood in the tree. We treat Carpenter Ant nest to help prevent the ants from moving into near structures such as sheds and houses. Since sprays can only work on the outside of the tree, we use a bait specially formulated for Carpenter Ants to kill the whole colony.

Tree Injections: One of the jobs of roots is to absorb nutrients for the tree. Some soil conditions prohibit the uptake of nutrients. In this case, we can directly inject supplemental nutrients into the tree using a proven minimally invasive process. This same process can also be done with some insecticides or fungicides to treat specific insects or diseases. Tree injections can be done safely but are done sparingly since it does cause some minor damage to the tree.

Construction Consultation: Let’s face it, trees are hardy creatures. They sit and weather storms and environmental extremes year in and year out. Yet, modern construction techniques do a lot of damage to the area trees depend on. Bulldozers remove topsoil and compact the remaining soil. Chemicals are dumped on ground. Water and drainage patterns are radically changed. Careless machine operators injure trees directly. Trees can even survive these brutal conditions; yet, trees can take years to decline and die. A tree damaged by construction may not show visible signs of damage for several years. The best way to fix construction damage is to prevent it. Call Bunton & Meyer Tree Service St. Louis before construction begins and we can work with you and your construction company to save trees before, during, after the construction process.

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