Just like people, plants can get sick or just not perform 100%. Plant Health Care (PHC) is a proactive, ongoing approach to assess your plants and give them what they need to thrive, not just survive.

All plants need sun, water, air, nutrients, room to grow. Some plants need more of these things than others. Sometimes plants do poorly because they were planted in a location that does not meet their requirements. Even if plants have everything they need, sometimes plants get stressed from injury, environmental stress, or insects.

PHC identifies these deficiencies and stresses and provides treatments to reduce these stresses. For example, a PHC program might include:

» An insecticide spray for Japanese Beetles on a linden tree

» Removal of girdling roots on a maple tree

» A deep-root fertilization with extra iron for a River Birch

» Additional sulfur applied to azaleas to decrease pH

» Apply growth regulator to encourage root growth and promote greening

» Annual inspection of White Ash for Emerald Ash Borer

» De-compact and amend soil (per soil sample) underneath Red Maple tree to a radius of 12′

PHC programs are tailored to what your property needs. Whether it be a little or a lot, our staff is trained to inspect your property, on a plant by plant basis, to look for possible problems and craft solutions. Give us a call and our Tree Service St. Louis staff will be glad to start a Plant Health Care Program for your valuable landscape today.